Adjusting the sonic fingerprint of a system.

I was wondering if a systems sound can be adjusted by turning the attenuators down on some components and up on others.

For example, I use Tidal on a streamer. Tidal has a volume control. My DAC has a volume control. Of course so too does my pre amp. Lastly, my amp has a volume control. Is it possible to give my pre amp more influence on my sound by turning down the volume on the streamer and the DAC and turning it up my pre amp?

Sometimes I feel I can hear the difference but other times not, so my mind is playing tricks on me. It does seem at times like slow music and jazz sounds better with the pre amp and amp turned high, and the DAC and streamer turned down. Rock, metal and fast music seem to sound better with the streamer and DAC turned up.

Do I need a psychiatrist or does the sonic profile alter when changing volume levels on components?

Does it matter? These are all digital after all. So elevator music, basically. Who cares?
I have no problem believing that alteration of the distribution of the gain in a system would modify the sonic signature of that system.
It’s better to set the volume @100% in the digital realm. Lower the gain in the analog realm. Lowering the volume in the digital realm reduces resolution - and may introduce negative artifacts.
Steakster has it right, otherwise adjusting gain should not change the sound at all.
"...Steakster has it right, otherwise adjusting gain should not change the sound at all..."

Agree. Amps somewhere along their output level show the least distortion so one might conclude that is the point they will sound their best but I have not been able to hear any difference by adjusting the input gain on amps. The one exception is reducing idle hiss on high gain amps when turning the input gain down.