Adona Equipment Racks

I have been researching equipment racks and for the price the Adona racks look good.  I am aware these racks have been discussed a few years ago in Audiogon.  So, I am interested in hearing current opinions from owners of Adona racks.  Please tell me your thoughts regarding sound quality improvements or not, build quality, and your purchasing experience.


Thanks for you input.  roxy54, I did read your review and your suggestions were very good.  The folks at Adona should appreciate them as well and improve their product.

I have always thought that the Adona racks were overpriced since they seem to have no real sonic attributes like say, Critical Mass, HRS, etc. who incorporate isolation in the design.

I also don’t like the wood trim on the shelves, it looks cheap.

IMHO that is.


I have two of their Signature Series equipment racks as well as two amp stands. In my opinion they are not only attractive but a good value as well. No they aren’t the best out there in vibration control but to address this I use Voodoo Cables Isopods. Detailed assembly instructions are on their website. 


I usually consider your comments to be reasonable ad fact based, but I was surprised by your comment about the Adona racks. I went from a Target rack, which was obviously for beginners to the Adona, and noticed a substantial improvement. Yes, I use cones and Live Vibe Apprentice stands with it, but I’m wondering if you have the personal experience with them to say that they have "no real sonic attributes.'

I am well aware of course that there are other more expensive racks that perform at a higher level.

I have had an Adona rack for a couple of years. Paul was great to work with and the product delivered was of high quality materials.  I was able to sell all of my Townshend pods as a result.