Ads with no picture WTF??

I see quite a few ads that don't have a pic, would anyone buy a piece of gear from someone too lazy to take a few good pictures? Or how about the people who post a stock picture Jeez..
Glad I'm not alone. I've had problems with posting pics as well. I've had numerous ads where the pictures did post and then disappeared and some ads where the pics would not post at all. I had included my email address so folks could contact me for pics but recently was told if I did not remove it my ads would be deleted.

To the poster above suggesting it's user error, not the case here. The issues folks have go way beyond adjusting to change. Much of the marketplace is just not functional.

I no longer post here regularly due to the excessive moderation that has been implemented and doubt this one will ever see the light of day. It's been months now since this mess started and I'm still really troubled by the loss of community.
Willis, you must be the first person who likes the site now. It used to be fun and easy to use.
I hated it at first, but I kept logging on to see if it had improved. I got used to the changes and eventually listed an item. I believe in pictures also and was worried about listing but I had no problems. The picture downloaded from my documents just as it did with the old site. That was the reason for my posting. The more you navigate the GON you will pick up on little things. For instance I was upset that the zip code when clicked on didn't tell you where and what city. Now I see it is listed at the top of the page. Just discovered that the other day. Trying to stay positive!