Advantages with an outboard power supply

I’ve read that adding a linear power supply such as a Teddy Pardo will greatly enhance the overall performance of components that use a switch mode wall wart power supply I.e. my RME DAC. Any personal experience with this addition? Liking the features of the RME has me thinking if this will take it to another level it may be worth + - $500 cost vs. buying a new DAC?


— and another - LHY. Sold under the Jays Audio umbrella. Look to be well built and reasonably priced. I’m sending an inquiry for what model/voltage is recommended for the RME.

I had a Teddy Pardo with a RME ADI 2fs. I just traded it in towards a PSA DS MK1, so we’ll see how that goes. I picked up a PSA AirLens and want to go with is I2S connection which the RME doesn’t  have. Also wanted the flexibility of more inputs.


Back to the Teddy Pardo. What it added was essentially more of everything but if I had to start it would be weight and authority; going back to the stock switch supply, the RME seems a little thin and not as involving. I also ran a Synergistic Orange fuse in the Teddy which smoothed things out a little. I used a WyWires Silver Juice II Digital Series power cable which elevated the combo as well. In short you will not be disappointed with adding a Teddy Pardo LPS. I don’t remember what specific model I had, but the people at Teddy Pardo know so no worries. They were very easy to work with and coming from Israel I received within a couple weeks from ordering. Highly recommended. 


My set should be showing up on The Music Room so no idea if they keep it as a set or separate and pull the fuse out and sell separately. They just received so it’s not on their site yet, but I would think you could call or email them if interested.



Looking at several power supply options I ordered an LHY from TEK Electronics who rep Jays Audio. I also ordered a Sablon USB cable both of which should be here late next week.