Adventures In Modern Ripping

Well it all started when trying to rip three DVD-A discs I have, namely Frank Zappa - Halloween, UFO - Lights Out and Neil Young - American Stars 'N Bars. They don't have stereo tracks or none that I could find.

Ripping is really easy now with DVD Audio Extractor, which also does Blu-Ray audio and Sonore which does SACDs.

So I ripped these discs in their MLP 6 CH format and to my surprise I was able to play them back on my Aurender's N20 SSD.

The SQ is just unbelievable, as good or better than SACDs.

Most DVD-A discs have stereo or 5.1 tracks, in most cases ripping the 5.1 track will be best, though there are some exceptions. MLP encoded discs are the best.

Rip to 6 ch single output.

The DVD-A 5.1 of Yes- Fragile is just outstanding and trumps the SACD but Fleetwood Mac's Rumours DVD-A is better in stereo.

Anyway check it out and ask me if you get stuck.


@mahler123 Yes all the programs have Mac versions but to rip SACDs you need a Blu-Ray/DVD player with a Mediatek chip. There are lists online of compatible units. I use an Oppo 103. The most difficult part is loading SACD extract onto a USB drive you may need to try quite a few USB drives until you find one that works.

This will get you started with SACDs: Sonore is a free download.

You can download DVD Audio Extractor free for 30 days.

IIRC you use an Oppo? You could play these files back from a USB stick.

I almost didn't open this tread because of the title. However, I have a great interest in this topic as I am trying to rip my HD disks to my Innuos Zen.

I am a little puzzled by your remark that DVD-A discs don't seem to have stereo tracks. Since you have an Oppo 105 you can check to see exactly what tracks are there. I have several brands of DVD-a discs and all but one (NAXOS) have stereo tracks. As for getting them to play on the DVD drive of a PC, that is another matter.

I have 3 "Classic" HDADs with 24/96 stereo tracks that should play on a PC, and I will try to copy them using Foobar 2000. I will try to do that this week, and see if I can save them to USB memory sticks to transfer to the Zen. If anyone has any advice on how to, it would be really appreciated.

It seems to me there should be a way to use an OPPO 105 to get the correct track to a PC, and then copy to a USB stick for transfer. Again if anyone has found a way, please advise.

Near future project is to try to move my SACDs to the Zen using the method recommended above.


Have you tried using the 105 to output the DVD-A files over HDMI to the HDMI input of a PC?

@oldears  Just download DVD Audio Extractor it's free for 30 days and $38.50 thereafter. It rips Blu-Ray Audio too.

You only need a computer DVD/Blu-Ray drive to rip, an Oppo is only required for SACD ripping.

Most of my DVD-A's are stereo and multi channel but there are are few that aren't, however my Aurender plays those multichannel discs in stereo without a problem.

Have a play around and see how you get on.