Advice about warm, gentle speakers...

Help. I need to use a home theater system for 2 channel music. The system is based on a mid-level Denon DVD player and a Denon receiver and right now the ONLY variable I can change is the brand of front left and right speakers (presently Paradigm Titans). I would like to get something that can soften the digital glare (besides turning down the treble!). The speakers need to be either monitors or small floor standers and I am aiming for a price less than $4,000 new or used. Finally, I am not in a location where I can audition different brands so I hope to narrow it down to a few choices for in-home trials. I listen to all types of music but not louder than about 80-85 db. From reviewing the forums it appears that more “serene” brands include Green Mountain, Spendor, Sonus Faber and Vienna Acoustics. I really appreciate any input on this—thanks in advance for the advice.
lots of choices between your titans and the 4k budget...but only consider brands you can audition used or new. of the brands mentioned, only spendor will temper your receiver.
If i were spending $4k, i would buy speakers and a dedicated hybrid integrated amp(ya need tubes in there), and run your DVD into that. I asume you have a sub so maybe Spendor 3/1 or 2/3, or Harbeth 7ES2 with a Used Pathos Classic 2 hybrid integated or something like that.
Polk is excellent match with denon, the best I have heard with any of the denon amplification to be honest, I know there is a real good pair of polks rated like some real hiend speakers, and way less than 4000.00... Ahh, yes the LSi15 and I am sure you can probably find them local for audition.. Look them up all very stellar reviews on here and or anywhere for that matter, probably the best speakers built under 2000 competing up with much higher cost... By the way, from word of mouth these are better than the Lsi25's because they are warmer sounding and the lsi25 sounds more disconnected compared to its slightly smaller brother... Check them out trust me.
I would suggest you investigate Harbeth's. While under your budget by a long shot they will provide a warm and inviting sound with your electronics. I'd consider the Super HL-5's or the Compact 7ES-2's depending on room size. BTW, if you have $4K to spend, you may want to consider allocating $1500 for a pair of Compact 7's and then use the other $2500 to upgrade your amplification and source. While I don't think you can do better than the Harbeth's unless you go way up in price, you will get more out of them with better electronics. Consider Naim, Audio Research or Plinus as a few options that all sound nice with the Harbeth's.