Advice for a new analog system

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your advice.

I have made the decision to venture into the magical world of vinyl.
I was considering a VPI Avenger Direct (round 34K) turntable and CJ or Audio Research phono preamps.
As a cartridge I have in mind the Clearaudio Davinci.
I have been doing some research on Agon and apparently there are a lot of users who don't like VPI and considering the investment in the turntable I imagine there must be many options. 
I prefer the short cut of a single investment for life.
My system is Mc C1100, mc 1.25Kw and Dynaudio Evidence Platinum speakers.

What turntable and system would you recommend, I appreciate your advice.



I have Avenger Reference with rim

i also have audio Research Reference 10 phono

 I can tell you it’s awesome

 message me if you want to talk

@ftrot , several issues. The Clearaudio Davinci is a great cartridge but not a good idea for a first timer. That cantilever hanging out in the breeze is a disaster waiting to happen. There are several great cartridges that have less exposed cantilevers by Ortofon, My Sonic Lab, Air Tight, Koetsu, Soundsmith and Grado. 

If you are going to spend that kind of money on a turntable I suggest you look at Basis, SME, or Avid. The most important parts of the record playing device are the tonearm and cartridge. The most important attributes a turntable can have are an isolating suspension and vacuum clamping. The Basis meets these requirements. All top of the line turntables have decent drives and bearings now. SME and Avid use reflex clamping which is second best.

So you have some background in turntable and tonearm design watch this, The only mistake made is his opinion of anti skating


I would say, there are probably two schools of thought.  Start low and move up.  Or start high and stay there.  In college I had the VPI Scoutmaster, it was a messy ordeal.  I never was able to get good sound out of it.  I sold it before I graduated and didn’t think about vinyl for years.


Then I thought about going back into it but I didn’t want the same experience.  So I consulted with my audiophile friends and I decided, go all in.  Bought the Avenger Ref (this was a couple years before the DD Avenger came out)… and never looked back.  Moved from Rogue Ares to Zesto Andros and now Arc Ref 10 phono.  The analog side is without lack.


You can have a very nice analog set up for much less than that and have plenty left over to start a massive lp collection.

I’d say get yourself an Avid ingenium, a Music Hall mmf 7.3 or 9.3, a technics gr or g, a linn lp12 Magik, a new thorens td 1601 or td 124 dd, etc....listed pretty much in order of cost....for the phono preamp get a pro ject tube box ds2, a new ifi phono3, a tavish design classic or vintage, an Ear 834p, a tavish design Adagio,...cartridges would include the shure m97xe, ortofon 2m Bronze or black, the Hana el, the ortofon quintet blue or Bronze, a shelter 501, etc...just to name a few...grab yourself some nice Atlas phono cables or maybe cardas...any combo of all the above would not even come close to 60k and yet would all sound spectacular.

I personally own the music hall mmf 7.3 with ortofon 2m Bronze, the Avid ingenium plug & play, the thorens td 240-2 fully automatic with ortofon om10, and the technics mk7 with shure m97xe....all sound great. My phono preamp are the tavish design classic with nos tubes (rca, Sylvania and GE). I also use a Graham slee Era Gold v, and a musical fidelity lx lps...all great phono stages. For SUT’s I have both the Rothwell and the Jensen for my moving coil which include both the Hana el and ortofon quintet blue. Invest in a good turntable wall shelf and record cleaning machine such as the record Dr V. Also buy a good 10x eye loupe, a stylus brush, and good anti static record sleeves from sleeve city. 

My next purchase will be the thorens td 1500, $2999, but can be had below 2k if you buy over's received great reviews all over and is the revived thorens td 150 of yesteryear. Comes with ortofon 2m's a steal.