Advice for a new analog system

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your advice.

I have made the decision to venture into the magical world of vinyl.
I was considering a VPI Avenger Direct (round 34K) turntable and CJ or Audio Research phono preamps.
As a cartridge I have in mind the Clearaudio Davinci.
I have been doing some research on Agon and apparently there are a lot of users who don't like VPI and considering the investment in the turntable I imagine there must be many options. 
I prefer the short cut of a single investment for life.
My system is Mc C1100, mc 1.25Kw and Dynaudio Evidence Platinum speakers.

What turntable and system would you recommend, I appreciate your advice.



A thing to keep in mind w/ turntables & most hifi equipment, there are good & not do good examples of just about every design & school of thought. Direct drive, belt drive, massive platters, suspended plinths,etc. There’s lots of opinions on all of this ad Infinitum.

If you want a really good turntable / arm combo that in my experience is trouble free & essentially set & forget, try a model from Basis. Handmade in NH for many years, sound excellent w/ rock solid, high precision build quality. Find a dealer, go listen hopefully w/ at least the speakers you have ( & hopefully similar amps too) & choose a cartridge that sounds good to you, no need to speed a fortune on it, maybe the Hana Umami Red or something similarly priced (around $4K) w/ a good phono amp probably about that price. Any dealer that’s sells Basis should also carry quality ancillary stuff. Have them set it up ( tricky for the inexperienced bit Basis offers very clear, step by step videos to do so). 

I’ve owned my Basis 2500 / Vector 4 arm for over 20 years w/ 0 trouble & still sounds excellent! Replaced 1 belt & 2 cartridges. Todays models seem like they’re a little better in many ways but essentially the same. I would suggest getting a dust cover ( a plexiglass box that fits over it & removed when using) to keep unwanted things from touching the unit( dust, kids, cats whatever) if that’s an issue. 


@ftrot : I haven't read through this entire thread but thought of these two cents. Firstly:  for the kind of dough you intend to spend I would strongly encourage consultation with competent, trustworthy experts regarding system synergy. Secondly:  Again, I strongly recommend that you schedule and orchestrate serious auditions of whatever components hit your radar screen. Given the budget you have in mind, I assume long distance travel would not be out of the question. Thirdly: I'm also assuming you are aware of all of the necessary accoutrements that go part & parcel with a good vinyl set-up (e.g.  stylus cleaner(s); record weights or clamps; record brushes of air puffers; anti-static poly sleeves; etc.). Lastly (and probably most importantly):  a good record cleaner or cleaning system is a must IMHO. Even new records should be cleaned. Again IMHO, an ultrasonic cleaner or cleaning system is the way to go. If you want convenience, in this regard. consider the Degritter.

Agree w above

you need to be aware of the necessary acroutements including something similar to the degritter or klaudio 



@allenf1963 +1. I might add these brands as some tables you may want to also consider: the Dr. Feickert Firebird / Deluxe 12 Package with the Tri-Planar U12 Tonearm; the AMG Viella 12; the TW-Acustic Raven; and finally, the Rega P10.
I like your choices of tables 




Dear @ftrot  : Why 34K for a TT' makes no sense to me when there are a way lower price units that could outperforms your thread choice or choices coming from other gentelmans. 


My take is to put money accpording what the market best offers you on each audio item.

I know that the Agoners that know me could be " tired " with my TT option that in this thread was named only one time.

M.Fremer reviewed the SAT DD XD-1 turntable with SAT tonearm where the whole package set you back almost 300K and cartridges where the Lyra Atlas Lambda SL and Ortofon Century and he posted there:


" The XD1 shares some sonic characteristics with Rega's revolutionary RP 10 turntable: ultrafast, clean transients throughout the audible frequency range; tight, fast bass; revealing midrange transparency; and overall sonic stability and focus. All these characteristics result, apparently, from careful attention paid to structural rigidity and the removal or prevention of unwanted vibrational energy. "


in other reviews the Rega had mounted that Lyra too. Well including own excellent Rega tonearm ( not 12" tonearm that's a " myth " an error to own it. ) you pay less than 6K. You have in the Rega package two excellent audio items: TT and tonearm for the same price.


Cj or AR phonopreamps?, please don't waist your money. Remember your thread premise:

" I prefer the short cut of a single investment for life. "


You can go for one of this options: SimsAudio, Channel D , DSA or the phonolinepreamp Dartzeel ( phono and line preamp in one unit for 40K ). No tube phono stage can " touch " or stays " near " of those SS units and for very good reasons.

You need invest for the best you can in the phonolinepreamp because this unit is the one that must handled the cartridge critical and sensitive recorded signal and the unit not only has to amplify that extremely low output signal but has to do it with extremely low noise and low developed distortions. Additional to that in the phono stage the cartridge signal must pass through a heavy equalization with the inverse RIAA eq.curve that " manipulates " the cartridge signal from around -20db to +20db, this is a 40db swing ! ! ! and that RIAA eq. implementation must be designed  with a frequency response deviation inside no more than 0.1db. This figure is critical.

Cartridge? I agree with @mijostyn  and My Sonic Lab , Ortofon and I could add low output Colibri by VDH ( no more than 0.35mv output level. ), yes could be other options.


Well , that's my tak but at the end is up to you.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,