Advice for a new analog system

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your advice.

I have made the decision to venture into the magical world of vinyl.
I was considering a VPI Avenger Direct (round 34K) turntable and CJ or Audio Research phono preamps.
As a cartridge I have in mind the Clearaudio Davinci.
I have been doing some research on Agon and apparently there are a lot of users who don't like VPI and considering the investment in the turntable I imagine there must be many options. 
I prefer the short cut of a single investment for life.
My system is Mc C1100, mc 1.25Kw and Dynaudio Evidence Platinum speakers.

What turntable and system would you recommend, I appreciate your advice.



@ftrot  : If you want another excellent " price no object " audio item as the RP-10 then you can look for the PS Audio Stellar phono stage that indeed is Stellar. 

Stereophile reviewed and compared against the top Swiss CH that comes with a price tag over 70+K when the Stellar is lower than 3K and yes this one is " price no object ". Read it the review and please read to the measurements that several audiophiles diminish always:


PS Audio Stellar Phono phono preamplifier |



I think at times @ftrot many contributors to posts are not appreciative that questions are posed by people who are high net worth individuals who do not have the time to through a lengthy process of going up through various turntables over the years to find out (fun though it is for a less flush guy like me)

I can see your heart appears set, but apply the same budget on very strict terms and see what else is available and factor in the price of a good record cleaning machine (your cartridge would thank you for it - mine do)

At your price point you are getting into some seriously juicy turntables both new and second hand (don't dismiss it because ultra expensive audio takes the biggest price drop and they are never trashed from what I have seen). 


I personally love very nicely built stable turntables without springs etc.

1. Brinkmann Audio Taurus

2. CH Precision P1 

Option for future upgrades is a X1 Power supply.

3. Lyra Etna SL or Atlas SL ( Ideal single layer design that is a match made in heaven for current loaded Phono stages like the P1 ) 

4. Very good Vinyl cleaner.

5. Demag for treating your Vinyl

6. Audioquest vinyl brush

7. Antistatic cleaners.

8. Most important a customized Harmonic Resolution Systems isolation platform that is tuned for a Brinkmann Taurus....

This is an amazing system. I show this with the bigger Brinkmann Balance in my store. 


HI, my recent thread might be informative - even though at a total 10-12K level (table +arm+cartridge. You can pick it up from my profile.



Can I just say there are some other great decks at ur price:

Dohmann Helix 2

SME model 30 and the SME Anniversary (it may come with a Nagra phono stage but don’t quote me on that)

Technics Sl1000R - direct drive - remember they were one of the first DD designers and I recall the original VPI designer Harry Weisfield saying that to reproduce such a motor with the requisite tooling would cost about $30k

That’s just 3 beauties