Advice for a tube newbie: McIntosh MC275

Just bought my first tube piece. I went for the MC275 re-issue because of all the great reviews and dealer recommendations especially from dealers who do not carry the McIntosh line. Got a SMOKING deal as well so I had to go for it. So now I have this thing arriving on Tuesday and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. Any advice would be appreciated.

My current system:

McIntosh MHT200 HT receiver
McIntosh MVP851 for DVD/CD
B&W Nautilus 804 and HTM2 fronts and SCM1 rears
MIT Magnum 3 speaker cable
Synergistic Designer reference interconnects

The options I came up with were:

OPTION 1: Use the MC275 to power Left and Right channels through the MHT200 connecting to the 804s via the MIT Magnum 3 cables. I have no idea what interconnects to run between the MHT and the MC so any advice here will be helpful.

OPTION 2: Run the MC275 as a seperate ZONE B system with different speaker cable into the 804s.

OPTION 3:Use the MC275 with my iPod and the SCM1 as a 2nd bedroom system.

OPTION 4: Sell off the MHT200 and center rear speakers and go buy a pre-amp and stick to 2 channel music only.

My musical taste runs almost excusively to Baroque opera and instrumental, especially solo harpsichord. Any other options would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
Sounds like you are in for lot of fun. Be very careful on how creative you get with all of the possibilities. For instance, assuming the amp has both balanced and unbalanced inputs, don't get so impulsive that you start using them for direct access to the amp by other components while depending on the little switch at the back of the amp to go from one (balanced) to the other (unbalanced).
I like option 4. Having been through the HT thing, and always being disappointed with the quality of 2 channel sound, I went back. I run my DVD player's digital output through my DAC, and movies sound great. No need for all those speakers for an occasional surround effects IMHO.

As to the 275, you will be more than happy. It's a great sounding amp! A good friend has BAT D5SE CD player into BAT VK50SE preamp into a pair of 275's strapped mono into the new B&W 802D speakers. This system to me sounds absolutely fantastic.

Good luck regardless of what you do.


Paul :-)
Thank you for your responses. I'm going to go for option 1 right now then if I decide that tubes are as great as they are made out to be, I'm going to option 4.