Advice for a usb dac

I would like to jump into PC Audio and looking for advice regarding a Dac (entry level). The components of my system are: Maggie Mg 12, Odyssey Stratos, Classe CP 35, Rotel cdp 991. I am thinking about the AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.2 OR the Cambridge Dac Magic 100. I don't want to invest to much for now. Not even sure about my setup: my pc is 25 feet away from my system, so I will have to use a long cable. Any advice or other suggestion/recommendation?
ALO The Key DAC for nearly the same money as DFly. This space of cheap DACs is getting more and more populated though, so you may find better values. It is hard to keep track nowadays
If you like the Dragonfly concept then you should check out the Sabre based DAc's at

There's even one that works with an Android phone (and it sounds damn fine indeed).

How are you going to ‘jump in’? Streaming, cd rips, hirez downloads? Makes a difference as to your requirements. If not sure, as a starter I would stick to one of the under $200 USB only DACs. The AQD at $149 certainly fits.