Advice for big sound in small room

I have aquired a pair of PROAC 1SC with TARGET stands.I'm looking for advice from this huge pool of experienced swimmers(audiolovers) for i'm still learning to dogpaddle. I bought these monitors on impulse, now i need some help! I love music espeically acoustic music, folk,alternative, some older rock (C,S,N,&YOUNG). What would be some good matching components (integated or seperates)? My budget is approx. 3500-4500$. My listening room is small 12x14 and I do already have a midfi dvd/cd player.To tweek out as much advice as possible, are the 2.5's that much better than the 1SC monitors? Thanks for your help!
Sound treatment. I have a room of similar dimensions with "monitor" speakers. To get the best sound, suggest you try the speakers along the long wall spaced as wide as possible (8 ft or so). This will put them rather close to the side walls, but if you treat the first reflection point and toe them in towards your listening position, you will get v. nice sound. For more info, check the AudioPhysics Website or the FAQ at As far as associated electornics, ProAc's are v. nice, so feed them good stuff! May also want to look into a powered sub. No need to go crazy, a small REL (Strata/Storm) will do wonders, as will a small Velodyne or the Sunfire sub.
At your price point, check out the Plinius 8150 integrated. Your system deserves good electronics. The Plinius is one of the best integrateds that I've EVER heard.
I agree with the above posts. I would add that you might consider some acoustic treatment for the wall behind you. The short distance from the rear-wall reflections to your ears will sort smear the sound, screwing with your soundstage and imaging...whatever that means.