Advice for first pair of Maggies

I's like some feedback on purchasing my first pair of Maggies, specifically a new pair of MMGs vs. a used pair of something else.

A new pair of MMGs are the top of what I can pay now, and ideally I'd go with something less. Are there any advantages to the MMGs over other used models? Should any older models be avoided?

I will be powering the speakers with TAD Hibachi amps and an AES AE-3 pre-amp. I think this will make a good combo from what I've read, but I haven't actually heard these speakers in person.
That set up should work well. I've used an MMG Hibachi system in a slightly larger space with great success. Adding a sub later (maggies and subs DO mate well, if you use the right tools) will create a wonderful full range system. Your specific choices (MMG and Hibachi) are IMHO the first steps in a "crazy value" full range system

Good luck

The room may be a bit on the small side for the 1.6's. It may take some effort, but you should be able to make them work. 3' out should be OK, but you will probably want some window treatments to prevent reflection off of the glass. The smaller speakers such as the MMG's should be fine in your room. If you can make 1.6's work, you likely won't want or need a sub in a room that size.
You might want to also look at some MG12's. Best of both world's in between the MMG's and 1.6's. I think they are understated and will work well with your room size.
I too am considering buying Maggies, likely used. I've read about the delamination problems mentioned above so I called Magnepan for the straight answer. I was told the glue to attach the wires was changed in Sept. '05 so any speakers manufactured after that date should hopefully last longer.

This is not to say older speakers should not be considered. Only that a careful inspection will be needed and a price adjustment made if repair is necessary.

Good luck
(((Are any other details needed to determine if the room will be a good fit? Thanks for your help!))

Don't forget your AE3 pre amp
Inverts polarity flip both speakers polarity.
When you get the speakers remove the jumper and install the supplied 1.2 Ohm resistors.