advice for headphones?

I am currently using a focusrite scarlett solo and an amp sim for playing. The problem is that the headphones i have (sony wh-900xb) are very focused on extra bass and i really dont like the way it sounds. I ordered the beyerdynamic dt770 pro but i returned it because it was quite uncomfortable, my ear was just a tiny bit to big so the padding was touching my ear.

What headphones are well suited for guitar? i also would like to use them for normal use (mostly youtube videos and some gaming).

I live in the netherlands if that matters for availability


Hifiman Arya Stealths. What’s your budget?  That’d be really nice to know.

I have found that headphones are a very personal matter, both in sound and comfort.  I play guitar and have the GRADO SR20 for my phone, and SR1000 for my home stereo. They are light weight and fit me well, (I have normal size ears, so I can't comment on that sizing) and sound great on both my guitar (though a Fender amp) and music listening. However, they are semi-open and some people like closed headphones more. Since you didn't like the Beyer, you may really like the Grado's or another open-ear headphone that is available to you where you live. Hope this helps.