advice for headphones?

I am currently using a focusrite scarlett solo and an amp sim for playing. The problem is that the headphones i have (sony wh-900xb) are very focused on extra bass and i really dont like the way it sounds. I ordered the beyerdynamic dt770 pro but i returned it because it was quite uncomfortable, my ear was just a tiny bit to big so the padding was touching my ear.

What headphones are well suited for guitar? i also would like to use them for normal use (mostly youtube videos and some gaming).

I live in the netherlands if that matters for availability


Audeze LCD-XC are a good all round choice. Good for hi fi and also used as monitoring 'phones in studios. From personal experience, they work well in both applications.

For pure hi fi applications the LCD-X is better.

My AKG K240DFs have served me well in every application for thirty years. Made in Austria, the build quality is excellent. You may need an amplifier to use them on your laptop or other low-power devices, as they are 600-ohm headsets.


With headphones there are a number of personal preference questions that need to be asked upfront before a firm recommendation can be made:

1. Open or closed back (or, alternatively, listening environment). Open back typically produce a more “audiophile” sound signature, but have the drawback of allowing sound leakage both in and out. If you plan to listen in a quiet environment without others nearby to be bothered, they are likely preferable, but of course that may not be your reality.

2. Budget. No sense our recommending headphones that you can’t stomach the price of. I guess we can assume you are up for a $500ish set since you got the DT1770 but we don’t know how much further up you can go.

3. Musical genres and/or sonic presentation goals. What kinds of music do you enjoy? Do you care about soundstage and imaging of orchestral music, or want instruments in dense metal tracks to sound clean and distinct, or perhaps you want jazz vocals to sound intimate and sweet? We might suggest different headphones for different preferences.

As you have likely found out already, comfort is highly subjective but is also a major factor. Unfortunately what one person finds supremely comfortable another person finds unbearable, so free returns or being able to try out headphones for an extended time at a shop or otherwise can be very important in ensuring you don’t wind up with fantastic sounding cans that you never use because they hurt your head.

V-Moda M-100 Crossfade Masters, closed backs.

I can plug the line into either cup so the cord isn't an annoyance.  Comfy, reasonably light.  I can wear my aids in or out; if out, I can eq them to match up to them.

I can wear them and forget until the cord jerks me back to reality....🤦‍♂️*L*

Aids B'tooth if I'm really lazy...and freshly recharged. ;)