advice for my clear audio analogue upgrade path

Ok, I ready to "tighten up" and finalize my analogue front end.  Current set up.
1. Clear Audio Performance DC w/Clarify arm
2. Sound Smith Boheme Moving Iron high out put cart
3. Clear audio Basic + phono stage 

My path is to at some point move to Clear Audio Ovation table, Clear audio Balance + phono and a Sound Smith "The Voice" cart.  
If I do all this one step at a time I'm wondering what you all would knock off in order and WHY.

1. Table up grade $3400
2. Phono stage $2100
3. Cart $1800-$2000

So after much consideration, I've decided to upgrade the Cart to Soundsmith "The Voice" and then the phono stage.  I believe I can still grab more from the table.
My question for you dhpeck would be what about your current set up that you don't like?  Is there one component in that analogue path that you like the least and why?  Is your cartridge set-up to reap the maximum reward of what it is capable of?  Soundsmith does make good cartridges and if I just had to pick something in your set up, I would probably say the phono preamp. 

 I enjoy having one with more choices (phono preamp) in set up if you can.  A lot of people believe that their cartridge is set up well because a dealer set it up, or because they think they got it right (not saying that you don't) but truth be told items like the Fozgometer do go a long way to help with Azimuth, also tools like the Pro-ject Align it if you don't want to spend a ton has the mirror, which can help with azimuth as well as the two point nul system and pivot to spindle distance (which shouldn't be a problem for you). 

 If the cartridge set up is off a little, especially azimuth, it can make a huge difference with distortion.  I wish you look in your upgrade of the cartridge.
Correction, don't use the Pro-ject Align it unless you have a Pro-ject turn table and I wouldn't use it then, kind of confusing with the numbers instead of defined nul points.  I use the Dr. Feickert with great success.