Advice for new Integrated amp please.

Hello all. I am considering selling my Emotiva mono blocks and pre-amp and simplifying with an integrated amp. I moved from Magnepans (which needed lots of power) to the New Golden Ear Triton 7's which don't need nearly as much current. The models which interest me are the Marantz PM8004, Rogue Sphinx and Anthem225. I do listen to some vinyl so a built in phono section is a plus. My listening tastes are electric blues and classic rock. I live off the beaten path a bit so auditions are very difficult. Input, comments, suggestions appreciated....
I agree. Seems the hybrids are a growing variety. read some good things about the Rogue though it is a bit on the ugly side. Lots of choices, the BADA has popped up in a few comments. The Athem 225 I had eyed yesterday has sold already. A'Gon always seems to have some values but you must be ready to pounce.
Funny, I just sold my Maggies and want a "one-box-solution" amp to drive my new Triton 7's. Just don't feel I need all the current (and clutter) that my Emotiva mono-blocks provide.
I am not sure the Sphinx would tame the brightness as would the Cronus. I have heard the Tritons with tube amplification and very much enjoyed. Call Mark at Rouge and speak to him about this. He is great to work with.