Advice needed for ancilliaries on Wilson Sophia

Hope someone here can shed some light on the Wilson Sophia 1 / 2. Still debating between the two, but might go for the Sophia 2.

Anyhow, just need some users here on these particular speakers as to what amps, cables, etc you guys are using on these speakers.

I heard that Wilsons are geared for Transparent cables. I also hear it can work with other cables.

For amps, I'm hoping to not invest too much cash on these. I heard some people using integrated amps from Chinese origin to great effects.

Thanks for the inputs. June is nearby and I'm taking a plunge on these.

Wilson has a long time relationship with MIT. I'm not sure but I thought that this was still the case, I dont know what cable company is making the Puppy Tail for them now.

I have Wilsons and for my electronics, and my listening tastes, the Kimber Selects definately out run the MIT, of several years back.

A wonderfull speaker like this will perform well with very good electronics, and very good cable.

As a WP owner, the Sophia is much more forgiving my friend powered his Sophia's with an ARC VS55i integrated to a nice effect, but now he's going solid state. He Used Transparent Super with MM technology (don't bother with the older with XL tech, the MM is much better and way more refined) for his intereconnects and speaker cable.

I use to use MIT in the past and have moved to Transparent Reference with MM in my own system.

I have seen the new Sophia II's and the grill design is awesome compared to the velcro setup, not that I ever touch my grills. Didn't get a chance to listen to them.

Back to the gear..... VTL 150 stereo, Rowland 501's, Ayre, Theta Dreadnaught. Make sure you buy a good preamp as the Sophia will reveal any upstream electonic component. if you can budget 2k for a good used preamp.

Do a search on Agon for systems and use keyword 'Sophia' to see how other people are driving them and this will give you a good idea.

Congrats on your choice!

You are in the right direction. It all depends on budget but the new Chinese integrated are supposed to be great. I would definitely go w. tubes but that is my bias. Wilsons are voiced w. transparent. Transparent is not a detail cable, they are about timing & imaging. Nordost is about detail. The most important point will be to tune your system sound. The speaker cable needs to match the amp with the speakers.