Advice needed in Spain

I currently run a Rega P2/RB250 with Mitchell weight/Ortofon 520 II. This then goes through a complete NVA system (amps & cables) to Blueroom Minipods.
I want to upgrade the turntable but living in the south of Spain there is very little opportunity to do many comparative listening tests. I like my music quite neutral and clean but very detailed. I listen mainly to acoustic/James Taylor/Crusaders etc.

I've come up with a short list and would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has direct experience of these TT's.

1. Clearaudio Concept wood/Clearaudio MC
2. Nottingham Analogue Studios Interstate junior/ G1042
3. Well Tempered Simplex/G1042
4. VPI Scout

I don't want to go down the route of either buying second hand or of tweaking various bits one at a time. I have a budget of €2,800 ($3,100)and have the wife's permission to spend it!!!

Any advice will be greatly received.
You can probably get a Scout, Dynavector P-75 and a Dynavector DV20 low output. That setup will do everything well, and you don't have to worry about a mismatch with the cart and phono pre.
from my experience and for what music you like I would go with Clearaudio set...
Everyone will have it's own opinion and I'd go with Nottingham. It's universal for any music with detail and precision
Whatever turntable you decide on, I'd suggest passing on the idea of a Goldring 1042. Despite the decent reviews, I found it an underwhelming average at best sort of cartridge when used in either a VPI Scout or with a Rega arm on an Acoustic Signature turntable. Nothing bad about it, but nothing very inspiring or exceptional either. I figure they must get paired with turntable "out the door and ready to use" packages because Goldring sells them at a good price in bulk to turntable manufacturers. I'd go with Dynavector or Ortofon cartridges myself. If you mean to avoid "tweaking various bits" by only choosing a turntable with a pre-mounted cartridge, you're really limiting your options.