Advice needed with Tube Power Amps

I own a CJ ET5 preamp and Premier 12 monoblocks. Love the sound. I am told the LP140m are a step up. Not sure how significant but also have been advised that if I were to buy them it is nothing I would be able to resell (easily). One of the things I consider when buying equipment is, if I dont want it anymore will I be able to resell it? The LP140 is attractive to me as it is newer generation than the P12 has `140 wpc and is fairly lightweight at 53 lbs (I have a bad back). I am open to other choices from other manufacturers. Thank you


we were Cj dealers for many years, I would tread lightly cj is not the same company they used to be.


we replaced Cj's top amplifier and preamplifier with Zesto half the price sound was equally great.


A  bia 120 from zesto weighs 66 lbs so you are not talking a huge weight.

so I would consider all options.


Dave and Troy

audio intellect nj.

zesto dealers


How unusual. The guy making money selling equipment is warning you about buying a product he actually used to sell himself. 

Well, colour me surprised.

LOL thats funny @tony1954 . BTW I tried the Zesto and did not like it. In fact I thought my Rogue RP7 was way better. @mulveling thank you I will check out resale on HifiShark. I think I was warned also about the length of time the item would be for sale. As with everything. If you put a low enough price it would move faster lol.

I would take a serious look the Qualiton P200 power amp or X200 integrated.