Advice on a budget R2R DAC

Last year I had to change my computer and since my new Imac did not have a firewire output, I had to change my DAC as well. After reading quite a bit on the topic, I decided on a Benchmark DAC 1, thinking that it made sense to replace a studio converter with another device designed for this same application. The Benchmark plays better than my old one (Motus 828), but when I listen to my turntable (which is rare), I immediately see the difference, even with an inexpensive cartridge (Ortofon OM20). My Altec 620A are quite revealing in the midrange and, contrary to what I’ve read on several occasions, the Benchmark is NOT transparent, at least not in my system. It’s also NOT musical. It sounds like a laboratory instrument. The sound is so amorphous that it doesn’t elicit any emotion. It is reminiscent of the sound of some Japanese amps from the 1970s which made excessive use of feedback to lower distorsion level. The sound isn’t bad, it’s just boring. So I decided to change my converter once again. After reading a lot on Audiogon and updating myself on what’s new, I’m keen to give R2R a try.

Here are my criteria:

- 1,5k (used)
- No tube (my equipment is always on)
- R2R
- no need for DSD (I listen to wav, aiff, mp3, etc.)
- no need for balanced inputs
- no need for volume (or headphone amp)

Converters that I consider :

- Holo Audio Cyan
- Metrum Amethyst
- Mojo Audio Mystique V2

Equipment used:

Speakers: Altec 620A
Amp: Sugden A25B
Cables: Audioquest
Computer: Imac 2017
Media player: JRiver 22
thx all for your suggestions... they are greatly appreciated...
georgehifi : these are quite rare in Canada but I will add it on my list...
jjss49 : is the Octave better than the Amethyst ?
audiosaurusrex : RME is manufacturer of sound studio equipment (like Benchmark) and I want to get away from the «studio sound».

mlsstl : thx... i'm gonne do some research about this Sh**t ;)

octave a touch richer thicker in the mids/midbass than amethyst, so amethyst sounds slightly more detailed - very very slight difference, only noticeable on direct a/b comparison
While Schiit Mutibit DACs are good for the money they are not R2R design. Seokris is a good recommendation. I've heard the 1541 model and I thought it sounded very neutral an engaging.
@kalali  -- where did you get your Mulitbit information? They are R2R designs. From the Schiit web site: "Today, virtually every DAC uses a reduced-bit technology known as "delta sigma." Multibit DACs have largely gone by the wayside, thanks to less-expensive delta-sigma technology. The few multibit DACs that exist either use NOS (new old stock) D/A chips, one of two or three still-extant multibit chips, or build their own R2R ladders at high cost. We've always believed that multibit DACs provide the best sonic performance, especially when coupled with Schiit's unique, DSP-based closed-form digital filter. This is why we've brought them together in our unique True Multibit topology, using current-production, medical/military grade D/A converters."  (Schiit also offers less expensive delta-sigma DAC options.) 

I would like to think that Mike Moffat has sufficient credentials to make such a statement. (I just recently finished the book "Schiit Happens -- The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-up" which has provides a more detailed look at the company, their products and the people behind it all.) 
The RME DOES NOT have studio sound.
If you read ra few reviews you would get it. The DAC 1 also is widely characterized.
Good luck gaining any useful info here.
Schiit's are organic and musical to my ears.