Advice on best mid priced MM cartridge choice for Rega P3 (2016)

Greetings,I am interested in advice or opinions from actual owners of Rega P3 (2016 version) turntables on what mid priced moving magnet cartridge they have paired with it and have success with. I have narrowed my choices down to the Ortofon Bronze, Nagaoka MP 150, Sumiko Moonstone, or Audio Technica VM540ML. I am not interested in MC carts, and have read that Grado does not pair well with Rega.

Currently I have the stock Elys II mounted. It has been solid, but I am looking for a more dynamic sound. I understand there may be spacers required for VTA, etc. for various cart choices. I am most interested in your opinions on the sound quality of the carts mentioned above-what do you think sounds great with this turntable?
Thank you for your help!
Why do you always recommend the same old handful of cartridges?????

Actually not the same, it depends on the budget and tonearm. 
But at least I recommend something that can sound amazing, not just average sounding modern cheap MM carts with mediocre cantileveler and stylus profile with very short life span. 

We have one problem here on audiogon, people who own some cartridges think those cartridges are amazing, but they never tried any good cartridge (or any better cartridge). 

Some cartridges does not have even nude diamonds (only bonded). 

What do you recommend and what is your contribution on this forum? 


I came across this Stanton Catalog, two interesting technical performance and stylus type charts.

what is the difference between Stereohedron and Stereohedron II?

One aspect of Stereohedron’s very long life must be it’s very light tracking centering on 1g. My Shure V15Vxmr liked 1.25 g. Most Mono and MC want heavier tracking which I prefer avoiding.

It seems many of the outputs are in that difficult range near 1mv, where only a few SUT’s have low enough x factors of 5 or 6 are about right.

What was in common use with these cartridge output strengths?

Thanks everyone for your input-I opted for the Ortofon Bronze this round. Pleased with the choice. Plan to try Nagaoka in the future. All the best
In the current range of the Ortofon 2M series I like the most
this Ortofon 2M bronce.

For my hearing it was more balanced than the black.

So it is a big bang for the buck.