Advice on buying good CD player that will outperform my Primare cd31

Hello everyone,
I'm currently thinking about changing the cd player and I would appreciate if someone has good advice on buying good red book player that will outperform my Primare cd31.
The budget is around 2000-2500eur and second hand devices are wellcome...
The rest of the system is integrated amp. Bladelius Thor mk3 novitas and Vienna acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand.
It still boggles my mind that people are willing to drop this amount of dough on a cd/transport in this day and age...
and if you simply must have one then try  this one for a fraction of the cost, and use the rest of the money for a DAC.

Cambridgeaudio CXC
I would recommend Onkyo C-N7050, it has a foot in both camps, being both a CD player and music streamer. A truly versatile bit of kit.
I am solidly in the "transport + DAC" camp these days.  The DAC in the Primare should be wonderful, so it may be you just don't like the flavor of the R2R DAC in the unit.  I would try out different DACs before I spent too much money on an all-in-one CD player.
The Marantz Reference SA-11S3 is an incredible sounding CD/SACD player. Had many  exotic type players over the past 30 years and the Marantz Reference SA11S3 sounds so accurate and natural. Built like a tank “38 pounds” . I am very happy with it. It saved me tons of money when selling my other players costing up to $25,000 in other digital setups.  In fact I would buy another Marantz SA-11S3 in a heartbeat for my secondary stereo system but they are so hard to find on the market in mint condition.