Advice on CD transport

Here’s the situation:

Am purchasing two channel integrated amp with built in DAC shortly (likely Hegel H390. Love the DAC section).  Big CD enthusiast and I’m looking for a great transport under the $1k range (used is more than acceptable).  My issue is buying a standalone transport is too rich for my blood so looking for a CD player with awesome transport. I hate paying for the DAC in it I won’t be using but such is being audio poor. 
I’ve always liked the Rega line but am wondering what anyone has found/used.  If you’ve got any helpful input without getting into DIY, please feel free to chime in. 
+1 on mesch's response, no need to get a cd player. I also have the Cambridge, use it  in my 2nd system and it is competent for the money. The other 3 have pretty good reviews as well.
I have two suggestions that fit your criteria, but both have built-in DACs. The first is a used Oppo 105 (just under $1K), the second is a used Pioneer BDP-09 FD (available periodically for a few hundred dollars). Either would make a great transport, and both play CDs and Blu-ray DVDs as a bonus.  
@ cjlundberg
mesch At your price range there is the Cambridge CXC

I agree, best bag for $$ is the Cambridge Audio CXC.

Denafrips Avatar would be a bang for buck contender, if they left it at the original launch pricing.

Rumor has it that Schitt is working on a transport.
This will be the one to wait for, for best bang for buck pricing, Mike Moffat being the head designer for Theta Audio Digital all those years.

Cheers George