Advice on Equipment Upgrade

I need some help on what is making my system sound a little dull in the midbass snares toms ect. My system is in a 10.5 x 12 ft room open on the long end. I have Dynaudio Contour 3.0's with a REL B2 sub connected to a McIntosh MC352 solid state amp using a Prima Luna ProLogue Three Tube Preamp. My Source is now a Upgraded REGA P3/24 with a Nagaoka MP200 Cartridge MM. I'm using a Tiny Riaa Phono Input that was incuded on the Prima Luna. My Cables are Nordost SPM skr wire and a upgraded cable for the REL by Signal Cable. And 1 unbalanced 1 meter cable from Morrow audio (MA-3). SO my question is Where are the Drums ??? Do I need a Dynavetor cartridge? Is the Primaluna phono the culpret? Should I invest in a quality Phono Preamp and get a low output MC cartridge? I just want my kick back in my system Its too Warm. Note: I was listing to Digital but I really like the Vinyl sound better for the Jazz and Classic rock.I know these speakers and they can sound much better and its not my amp.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I think Acman3 asked a key question. Does your digital source sound ok in the midbass and it's just analog that sounds weak there? Out of curiosity, how do you find the digital sound overall in your system (i.e. strengths/weaknesses) and what is your digital source (I don't see any mention of one)?
i MOVE A LOT AND i ALWAYS SEEM TO GET STUCK IN CRAPPY ROOMS..i HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT. I dont like my system on the 2nd floor its awful ...the first floor is the way to go. Yes the room is small. I have tried smaller speakers in hear like Epos Es22. The Sound is much better with the Dynaudios. If you know about the Rel it just gives me what the dyns dont deliver in the low end.And does a great job at this.If I take it out of the system I lose a lot of low end information. I dampin this room with screens in the rear and side walls and rear wall.I like to listen at a loud level. Rock and Jazz. I have no digital source right now. I was using a Mcintosh CD player hooked Directly to the Amplifier with a Nordost XLR cable. It sounded really Fast and a lot of balls all across the range but like most digital it is way too dynamic and I'm hooked on vinyl agian so thats what im trying to improve it. I think I'm going to play with the VTA and invest in a good Phono Preamp and see what that does. I wanna thank all of you for the great advice. Every one of you had great input. Thanks.
I don't disagree with any of the other comments, however I still think the pre/power impedance match is less than what is considered to be an acceptable minimum. Take a look at this thread, especially the first response by Almarg.
Mattmiller, The Epos es22 is another floor standing speaker costing 50% less. The Dynaudios should sound better. I'm not getting your point. One more thing that should be considered with large speakers in a small room is the cabinet is a large reflective surface that can contribute to additional problems with the sound.
Mattmiller, Did you hear the digital system in the current room?

We are always trying to keep our tonearm resonance between 8 and 12 Hz, is it possible your room is getting to this area, or the tonearm/cartridge resonance is out of this area? You can check it on the vinylengine database.

I normally would not mention the next suggestion, but you may need to check into a room correction devise. If my room changed a lot and I was going to try to use the same equipment in each situation, I would at least consider it.

Good Luck!