Advice on how to liquidate system

Few weeks ago, I sustained traumatic blast induced hearing loss during a training incident. The level of hearing loss and tinnitus is pretty bad, I’ve had only a minimal level of improvement. midrange and upper frequencies sound like a 1970’s transistor radio. Horrible. The reality of the situation is looking like my audiophile days are pretty much over. Now I’m thinking of what to do with the gear…the thought of dismantling my rig and selling piece by piece is nauseating. Are there any resources that would come in and take it all? At this point I really don’t give a crap about being lowballed, it’s aggravating to look at what Ive put so much time and effort into and not be able to enjoy it. I need to move on.  



This is what a community is all about. A member has an issue and everyone is eager to offer insight and assistance. Very refreshing.

I’d hold off before you jump. Judging by your user name, you are in NY? SkyFi through Dave Wasserman (ex-Stereo Exchange) buys high end, but there are all kinds of things you can do to try and recover some of your hearing. I’m really big on integrative medicine, which combines traditional western stuff with wacky Eastern snake oil. It has helped me through a few medical issues.

Are you LEO? Why were you close to a flash bang? Nasty stuff.

I have nominal hearing loss in one ear and much more significant hearing loss in the other ear.  With the addition of hearing correction (expensive hearing aids), I could hear the music more clearly but it lost most of it's passion / live quality while wearing hearing aids.  And now, since I wear the hearing aids most of the time, it takes about an hour for my ears to adjust to listening to music without them.  But, then the music sounds better.

The best thing for me right now are headphones (Focal Utopia and Burson headphone amp/dac for serious listening and Grado GS1E for connecting to the laptop.


I am sorry to hear about your hearing loss. I am with those in favor of not selling your gear until you have exhausted all the options out there to restore your hearing. If your mind is made up to sell your gear, then reach out to TMR audio in Colorado. 

Wishing you nothing but the best! 

I agree with others on giving it at least a year, as a combination of healing and slight gear modifications (adding an equalizer) may allow you to regain your enjoyment of listening.  

I you end up deciding to sell all or some of your gear, I recommend TMR (The Music Room) in Erie Colorado.  I've sold gear to them twice... one time some large relatively expensive speakers.  They are very professional and make the process easy.