Advice on how to liquidate system

Few weeks ago, I sustained traumatic blast induced hearing loss during a training incident. The level of hearing loss and tinnitus is pretty bad, I’ve had only a minimal level of improvement. midrange and upper frequencies sound like a 1970’s transistor radio. Horrible. The reality of the situation is looking like my audiophile days are pretty much over. Now I’m thinking of what to do with the gear…the thought of dismantling my rig and selling piece by piece is nauseating. Are there any resources that would come in and take it all? At this point I really don’t give a crap about being lowballed, it’s aggravating to look at what Ive put so much time and effort into and not be able to enjoy it. I need to move on.  



I also have a hearing issue. Mine is just the right ear. Try a bone conductance speaker, I used one for a year or two.  Hearing aid tech has improved.  And, so has my perception.  I don't think that I ever stopped being an active listener. What ha s changed for me is my focus. Equipment is all from the land of diminished returns. I  recently auditioned amplifiers, and selected a Cambridge Audio for the  "English sound."  Maybe not top shelf, but for me enjoyable. Warmer is better for me. I  find the most pleasure in the mid range. It might be tempting to abandon the audio world, but actually just new challenges. Give your ears and your soul some time to heal.



@jl1ny, I feel for ya. I know how disgusted you must feel but as others have said, give it some time. If you feel like you must sell, The Music Room as someone has suggested might be a good solution.

Someone mentioned acupuncture. I’ve used acupuncture for years for debilitating back pain and it has helped. Not a cure but does give weeks even months of relief for me. The MD will tell you it’s placebo effect. Placebo or not I rely on it when it gets really bad. It may or may not help you but it might be worth a shot. I was a skeptic before trying acupuncture. I hope you recover and wish you all the best.

Sorry to heart about your loss, BUT
You mention that this is a relative recent injury. Give it some time before you give up on everything. Physical trauma is often just temporary. You might even give it a year or two. I hate to see anyone give up on the beauty of Music/sound.
Also there are different types of tinnitus and how it affects a persons hearing. I suffer from years of live concerts up close and personal with the huge bass horns, Jet engines from my time in the Navy, and gun fire W/O proper hearing protection, and though my Tinnitus is getting worse now at the age of 71, and my level of auditory volume is probably 60% or more, I still hear the music clearly and can enjoy it fully.


I'm with the don't sell group too, OP.

Hyperbaric O2 therapy has been especially helpful even for traumatic brain injury and other neural conditions.

Please check this out ... google HBOT for hearing loss ... relatively inexpensive and getting remarkable results for many maladies!!

@jl1ny I’m deeply sorry regarding your injury. I would also recommend not selling.

Give yourself time and maybe some improvement can come regarding your condition. The science of audiology and medical surgical intervention is always advancing.

My own personal story regarding the sale of a Hifi system was when my father died. We were never close, and he passed in my early 20’s and my siblings sold off everything of his. Now in my 40’s I’m in love with Hifi just as he was, and would happily box my system and save it for my child (now 1 year old) to give it to him at a later time at the very least. I deeply regret not hanging on to his system and record collection.

Your system often becomes a part of you (memories, joy, a journey, etc). Hold on to it. Hold on to your health and recovery, hold on to hope.