Advice on MC cartidge for vintage records?

I am looking for input anyone might have on the choice of a moving coil cartridge to play my collection of vntage classical records (LSC, SR, SXL, SAX, ASD, etc.). I had a Lyra Lydian which I liked a lot on new reissues (Classic Records, Alto, etc.), but not so much on the originals. The more I read, the less I seem to know. Almost all reviewers who do listen to classical recordings seem to refer to reissues.

I've got a new baby, so I have to keep this under control a little, but could probably go $1,500 or so. Going to a MM would necessitate a new phono preamp, so that is out for now (as are cartridges that just have to see a 47k load-the Krell only goes to 1000).

Just looking for anyone who might have had some similar experience.

Thanks, Chris

For those iterested, the system:
VPI TNT 3 Turntable
Wilson-Benesch ACT II tonearm
Monster Sigma Genesis cartridge
Krell Reference Phono stage
Sonic Frontiers SFL II preamp
Krell KSA 100s Amp
Martin Logan Quest Speakers

The Denon DL 103D, a classic from a couple of decades ago, comparable in its time to the Koetsu Black, is available still, or again, from Denon USA, for $229 plus $5 shipping. I had one 20 years ago, and just got another, and consider it one of the great bargains in audio. So did the Audiogon member who posted a thread telling people about it. You can reach Denon at 310-974-1010, and I know of no other way. I have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature in another system, and if it's a better cartridge, my ears can't detect it.
Tom nice has made a great suggestion. Other cartridges that you might consider are the Ortofon MC 20 series. They are a bit more suitable for older recording, IME, than some of the new cartridges. You might also like the Linn and EMT cartridges. If possible the dealer should check the stylus for polish as this seems to be a factor with classic records - don't know how many dealers have microscopes any more - I think Ortofon used to require their high end dealers to have them. Finally a good record cleaning can work wonders.
I'd recommend a Koetsu Rosewood Standard or a used Urushi, if you can find one.