Advice on what preamp to select.

I picked up two Adcom GFA565 Power Amps recently and would like to get a newer preamp to go with these.  Currently have a Crown IC150.  Have found a Audio Research SP-9 MKII for about $1100 but am considering also the following: Macintosh C series in the range of the 34V or newer, or purchasing a Mac MX series preamp.
The MX 130 looks to have decent reviews just being used as a solid preamp for stereo use and has a phono section which I need.  I know this is a question with no best answer but anyone have experience that they are willing to share?
Now I am deciding on turntables

Rega RP6 vs VPI Scout Jr.  Used and budget around $1200
As for a TT in your price range, I would suggest looking at an idler drive.

An audio bud just picked up a Lenco and is thrilled with its performance, which doesn't happen too often.

I was looking at some a few years ago but got a stupid good local deal on a  Denon DP-72L, so made the purchase.  If I had to replace it, I would go with an idler drive.