Advice to Newbies

I have been pursuing the audiophile utopia for many years now and after all these years I finally am able to feel like I can offer some advice. And that advice is….buy a mic, download REW and test your room! You can place expensive speakers in a bad room and that is how they will sound. BAD! Your room needs to be treated first. Then, start shopping for your dream speaker.


@hilde45  I was assuming that a newbie has made the initial plunge and purchased a set of speakers. Then, after some time, starts longing for better sound. This is where the REW comes in. Before falling down the rabbit hole, make sure your current dissatisfaction isn’t room related.

@baclagg Gotcha! I agree, of course! 

Given a bad enough room, though, your advice could apply. Because if the room is terrible enough, one might never know what a given set of speakers sound like. In that case, some kind of pre-treatment of a room -- even a carpet or some absorptive furniture -- would be necessary before trying out speakers.

  1. Read Get Better Sound
  2. Use the search feature before posting the same questions over and over again (I'm guilty)
  3. Consider how you consume sound and where; may influence your design choices