Advice wanted for small factor office speakers

I am helping a small business owner set up office speakers. Mostly in waiting area and hallways for background music. Speakers will be passive, mounted high on walls and wires run over drop ceiling to a Pyle multi-zone amp. They will be run in mono, not stereo.

Any suggestions for mountable, good sounding speakers? Looking at Yamaha, Klipsch, Polk and Pyle brand. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with good sounding, nicely built passive speakers?

(I have ruled out Sonos powered speakers since it’s not easy to run AC cords to powered outlets.)


if it’s budget you’re looking for, go to and type in dayton speakers. great sound at a great price.  ( no affiliation )

Gallo Acoustics can be effective depending on aesthetic demands. Less so for budget and definitely not for bass without sub help (also available in a slim wall-mounting form).

I’d figure how to get power to where you’re running speaker wire. If you can run speaker wire you can probably pull EMT cable. The Sonos Ones are very good, no, great for the money.


I installed many in my office/business with the smaller Sub-Mini. Before I was using Monitor Audio ceiling speakers which were 2X the cost and no way would I ever go back. To be able to control the system, set up multiple zones, stream to and etc. with your phone as the remote is a no brainer.


Sonos recently discontinued the Ones so they are being discontinued. Without the sub the Ones sound nice but throw the Sub-Mini in somewhere and you’ll be amazed how good they sound for the money. I’d consult with an Electrician and an Audio Installer and figure it out. 

Thanks for all the replies thus far. After a discussion with the business owner, she wants to insulate walls to see if she can reduce chatter and noise FIRST (before making the decision to add speakers and music).Space is for clinical massage.  We talked about how adding music might change the overall environment of her office and make the noise volume higher and she liked the idea of insulation. Stay tuned and I will post the outcome.