Advise av receiver

Hello all! After buying a 65-inch TV, I decided it's time to do home theater, here are advised Denon AVR-X6700H but it is too expensive, what can I choose somewhere under $ 700?

that monstrous 6700 is for systems with an enormous number of speakers, 11.2 surround.

I don’t personally know anyone who has gone beyond 5.1. I’m never going beyond Dolby 5.1 Surround with the 5 needed speakers and 1 sub. Realistically, will you?

Will you consider used? You will get a lot more for your budget. Only a few used AVR’s have front pre-outs, take your time to figure it out.

Do you have a separate 2 channel music system? If not, make sure the AVR has FRONT L and R Pre-Outs. That will let you put together a high quality 2 channel ’front stereo’ system combined with a surround Video system. Your front stereo system needs an HT Bypass INPUT. Then, for Video, all volume is controlled by the AVR

A discussion here, the 7.2 channel Marantz 7005 came up, it has front pre-outs.

her’s is an excellent buy at $400. she mentioned perhaps accepting $375. If I was in the market I would buy it asap!

here is her local listing

You would need to convince her to ship it.

Or, you pre-arrange with her local UPS store. She simply drops it off (in this case it with the factory box), in your name, UPS gives you a price, you pay them directly. Anyone can prearrange to have an unpackaged item dropped off by a reluctant shipper in this way.

other 7005’s on hifishark (none as good as her’s)

IF 5,1 or 7.2 surround only (a separate music system):

then front pre-outs not needed, that opens up a world of inexpensive (new, open box or used) 5.1 or later i.e. 7.2 units.

what brand TV? I went unified Sony, so I can use 1 remote for AVR/TV/DVD. Mixing makers, most remotes are programmable.
First thing you need to know on a budget like that, the last thing you can afford to do is make the mistake of buying a lot of speakers and amps. The sound quality you hear will never come from a lot of cheap components. It will very easily come from a few good ones. For the same amount of money you can buy one very good $700 integrated amp or one POC AVR. For the same money you can buy 2 very good speakers or 7 really cheap ones. For the same money you can buy one really good set of speaker cables or a lot of cheap lamp cord. On and on it goes. If you get sucked into the HT multichannel scam, don't say I didn't warn you. Go and listen. You will see.