Advise on 7.1 Channel Surround System & Speaker

Dear All ,

Currently looking for good set of Surround Speaker 7.1 Channel and Receiver .

Please advice which brand go for ?

Thank You,

Have your needs been met I would like to show you some photos of what I have.

Model - Classic 2

audiophileconsultant at yahoo
For the best 7.1 effect all the speakers should match. Unless you have a huge room you don't need to spend $10K it's just TV and the audio quality is all over the place. You could spend the rest of your budget on a great Clearaudio turntable or PS Audio's new Direct Stream DAC.

I helped select and installe a nice system, in an 18'X24'X8' room, that has pleanty of headroom for less than half that amount.

Two JL Audio 10" E-subs

Seven Pioneer SP-C22 Center channel speakers. (One of the best deals currently in audio)

Denon AVR-S-900W (Here the room correction gets better the higher up you go. Personally I like the presentation of the Pioneer Elite receivers).

Don't forget the 7.1 Bluray production of Master and Commander. This has some very good 7.1 content.

Have fun
I agree with the KEF LS55 suggestion, but I'd be inclined to skip the processor and let an Oppo 105 or 105D do speaker management and volume control. I'd buy two subs.

Do you really want rear channels? I rarely turn on the amp that drives the rear speakers.