***Aerial 10Ts - What's your opinion?***

I'm considering purchasing a pair of Aerial 10Ts. I currently have the Aerial CC3 center channel and I'm very impressed. I have heard the 10Ts driven by a Classe CAV150 and was very impressed. I currently have a pair of M&K S150THX speakers for the front matched with my Aerial CC3 (and they do match nicely!). I also have a Sunfire MKII Subwoofer to fill in the lower frequencies. Also - I use this system 99% for Home Theater (just plain watching movies). What are your opinions of the 10Ts? Think they would work well for Home Theater and sound better than the M&K 150s? Any strength/weaknesses of the 10Ts? Thanks!
Hey Dub, IMHO - Since you 99% watch movies, why spend the $$$$ on the 10T's when you could just go with the Aerial 5 or 7, and still be matched with your center channel speaker? The 10T is wonderful, but I think you are overkilling using it when you have the Sunfire Sub. If you've got the $$$$, get the 10T's and use them in a seperate audio only setting, properly set up and equipped (source, i/c's, pre-amp, amp, spkr cables, ROOM), and they will REALLY shine there. Good luck!
An excellent choice for a music/home theatre system. They have very good dynamics and bass. Qualties that many outstanding music only loudspeakers can sucessfully sacrifice. I have only heard them with top of the line Pass amplification (outstanding products in thier own right). I would be cautious about matching components with theses speakers. I suspect that they may become a bit fatiguing with some lesser equipment.
Hey,if you can get'm cheap enough Y knot. I got same and don't sub woof.I use them both ways.Quite outstanding. They're good enough,you can up grade the 2 channel stuff later.Gotta start somewhere.