***Aerial 10Ts - What's your opinion?***

I'm considering purchasing a pair of Aerial 10Ts. I currently have the Aerial CC3 center channel and I'm very impressed. I have heard the 10Ts driven by a Classe CAV150 and was very impressed. I currently have a pair of M&K S150THX speakers for the front matched with my Aerial CC3 (and they do match nicely!). I also have a Sunfire MKII Subwoofer to fill in the lower frequencies. Also - I use this system 99% for Home Theater (just plain watching movies). What are your opinions of the 10Ts? Think they would work well for Home Theater and sound better than the M&K 150s? Any strength/weaknesses of the 10Ts? Thanks!
An excellent choice for a music/home theatre system. They have very good dynamics and bass. Qualties that many outstanding music only loudspeakers can sucessfully sacrifice. I have only heard them with top of the line Pass amplification (outstanding products in thier own right). I would be cautious about matching components with theses speakers. I suspect that they may become a bit fatiguing with some lesser equipment.
Hey,if you can get'm cheap enough Y knot. I got same and don't sub woof.I use them both ways.Quite outstanding. They're good enough,you can up grade the 2 channel stuff later.Gotta start somewhere.
I have two systems One dedicated 2 channel with 10t's, and a HT system in another room with Martin Logans. 10t is a giant killer, I've heard speakers for twice list of 10t's that can't better them. Not just owner loyalty, I listened for over a year to many brands and just could not justify spending any more money in the end. 10t will be very revealing of your source components, cables powercords etc. Be prepared for trial and error! To end, buying 10t's is a no brainer, don't look back, just do it! Paul
I agree with the comments stated in earlier replies. I too have heard speakers that cost twice as much or getting the hot press, and I did not come away wanting to trade up/down (yes, I own 10Ts). You can get a "faster speaker" or a "tighter bass" speaker (Verity Parsifal, but you will make trade and can tweak the 10Ts to provide better/closer performance for much less $$. I have not found even the Parsifals to have the mid warmth or body to the image. I could not make that trade. Same comment with Silverline Sonatas. Trades but not better. Only concern is using 10Ts for Home Theater, but, hey if you've got the money (or can buy them used), it's your call. If you do go used, make sure that you get the latest version. The older version (rubber woffer and differnet tweaker) will only make the speaker sound darker and slower. Please no reples/bashing by those who won the older version. It's my matter of choice. Good luck!
Be careful with your choice of amplifiers. The 10T is demanding of current. Even the CAV150 is a bit wimpy for these speakers, although larger Classe amps are great. The titanium tweeter will not forgive weak sources, either. Like any hi-rez speaker, the 10T requires good upstream gear. I use my 10T's with a Sim Audio amp and they really rock. Stupendous dynamics, seemingly unlimited power. I would also expect that you'll prefer the sound of the 10T without the sub, again, as long as you have enough good amplifier power. If you like the 10T, try out a pair of Totem Mani-2's (about $4,500 with stands) with your sub. The Totem is Iosbarik, so it makes tons of bass, yet it's small and a two-way, so it throws a better, wider, deeper soundstage than the big-box three-way 10T, which is not spectacular at soundstaging, perhaps especially if you set it up on either side of a TV monitor.