Aerial 5T impressions

Any owners of Aerial 5T out there that want to share their impressions?

I currently have B&W CM6S2's..
They are very detailed speakers with good bass. Sometimes the highs are a little on the bright side and I was listening to a pair of the Aerial 5T's.  They sound more neutral to me with less emphasis on the extreme high end.  Beautiful build quality. 

If you have similar or other experience with them I would  e very interested. 

After a year these 5T beauties continue to deliver a sound stage of acoustically accurate music that is amazingly balanced across lows and highs.  I play them so much I’m afraid I’ll wear them out.  

My dealer let me take a pair of 5T's home for a demo back in August. I had a pair of 10 year old Aerial 6's and was hesitant from going from a floor stander to a monitor. After 4 days of A/B testing the 5T's stayed and I sold the older 6's. I don't have a big room and the speakers were more open w/lots of detail. Excellent soundstage too. I have them on some excellent stands and about 18 inches from the back wall. One thing both Aerial models have in common you can play music all day w/out any listening fatigue.

Sunny Components Inc,
I have a retail store and have been carrying Aerial's for 12 years now. I have owned the Model 20T.I am partial to the sound of the 5T. Very open, amazing deep soundstage. Thet work brilliantly with Bryston Electronics. It's a match made in heaven. You will be so pleased with them. They do 85% of what Wilson Audio's Duettes do. Now we have custom built stands also.

I have the Aerial 5.

My 30 yr old Adcom amp is making a noise, so I have to fix or replace.

Besides the Bryston, mentioned above - what amps are Aerial 5b/5T owners using?

The 5T's are easier to drive as I own both the B's and the T's. I have a Bryston 2.5 SSTs w/the 5T's also Parasound will also match well. W/5's a 200 WPC Forte 6.