AES AE-3 DJH Reference "Super Preamp"

Just thought I'd let the folks now about a new pre-Amp I purchased last week from Upscale Audio. It is a new version of the AES-AE3 called the DJH (Dennis Had) signature. It is $1200 or $1700 with a remote. I have been listening to it with an Odyssey Stratos Amp and Newform Research R645's over the weekend. I have been duly impressed - even with the stock tubes.

Suddenly, it looks like we might have another good tube pre-amp in the under $1500 category to choose from. I think the likes of Rogue and Antique Sound Labs are forcing the market to produce some very good product at affordable price points.
This is quite a jump from the $599 base version. I didn't see anything on it on the website - can you describe the upgrades?
I can't recall the specific technical upgrades. However, if you go to the upscale audio website you can see a new picture of it.