AES/EBU comparison

Coincident 1M digital, balanced, XLR
has good air, deep soundstage subtle detail with great integration from top to bottom
six nine copper, a bit dark at the top

Stealth Premier Varidig 1M digital, balanced, XLR
nice crisp detail with upper mids and highs, lower mids and bass are more diffused, soundstage is more forward, less deep, doesn't have the same integration from top to bottom
silver, but not bright or sibilant

I'd like to find an AES/EBU that combines the best of both. What do other members use/like?
My system is listed below...thanks, Zig

Clearaudio Reference Turntable
Clearaudio TQ-1 Tonearm
Clearaudio Accurate Gold Cartridge
Coincident 2M rca to rca to Thor Phono Preamp

Thor Audio TA-3000 Tube preamp
Coincident 2M rca to rca to Casanova

Theta Digital DaViD II Transport
Coincident AES/EBU digital balanced to Casanova
Coincident power cord

Theta Digital Casanova Surround Pre
Coincident 1M xlr to xlr to Dreadnaught
Coincident power cord

Theta Digital Dreadnaught
Coincident CST 1 30' internally biwired, spades to spades to 10T's
Coincident power cord

Aerial Acoustics 10t Speakers

Aerial Acoustics SW-12 Subwoofer
BetterCables 8M silver serpent rca to rca from Casanova to sub
Coincident power cord

Magnum Dynalab FT-101a Etude Tuner
Discovery Essence 2M rca to rca to Casanova

BetterCable rca's and s-video cables, for long runs 8M and 9M, from digital cable box, vcr, tv

Balanced Power Technology BP 2.5 Ultra conditioner

auditioning Stealth Premier Varidig AES/EBU
AES/EBU cables are very system dependent I've found. I have tried three different ones between a Mark Levinson 36 and 37. Here are my findings on this system:
Orchid: Good coherence, and imaging. I little on the thin side.
Cardas Lightening: Good imaging, fuller. Very good on the bass, but not as airy or as coherent as the Orchid.
AQ Falcon: Had the benefits of both the Orchid and Cardas with no drawbacks.
I've heard from others that the Falcon has worked remarkably well with Levinson components--but I have not heard how the Falcon has performed with other manufacturers. The Orchid I have heard by many to be their favorite, but in my system it clearly had some short comings.
I don't know if that's much, or any help, because I have not tried any of these cables on Theta equipment.
Purist Audio Design Proteus AES/EBU! I tried Cardas Lightning and Synergistic Research Ref. but found out that they are no match to the PAD on my system. If you can afford it, try the PAD Colossus line or better yet the Maximus. You will not be shopping for an AES/EBU again, ever!
Try the Synergistic line of digital cables I like the Designers Reference Squared with active shielding.
My system has a Theta Data 3 and a Gen VA with a Digital lens. Contact Paul at the Cable company they can send many different cables to you and then you can decide for yourself.