Aesthetix Callisto owners help please

I'm contemplating this pre and would like to get input from current owners on sonics with and without any tube rolling. I may or may not get the chance to audition locally, but have spent time with a Janus and have some grip on that sound as a point of referen

Associated equipment
Moscode 401HR
Dunlavy SCIV-A
CEC TL51X into Genesis Digital Lens into Modified DAC60 as source

Thanks guys, that helps. Can't find specs on the Callisto, could you share any of the biggies from your owners manual? Impedances, gain, etc.


There was lots of info about the Callisto written. I use a Callisto Signature and I share the opinion of Cmo.
I also use NOS Tubes and it is an improvement but even with Stock tubes it is really good. A real amazing good unit.
The Callisto's output impedance is 300 ohms unbalanced, 600 ohms balanced. Email Jim White and I'm sure he'll give you the full spec rundown.