Aesthetix MIMAS

Has anyone heard it yet or time line on it’s release ?
Whats the buzz tel me whats happenings
Yes, the one at AXPONA did have the DAC in it. I believe it was being driven by a laptop computer.
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of those that have auditioned and or purchased the Aesthetix IN
T, now that you have some EXP with it, what are your thoughts?

I'm very interested in this piece and would like to know more about it and where I might get a great overalll buying experience.

especially for the poster who paired his Harbeths ... which model Harbeths are or were paired?

I'm on the bottom level just begining again to put together another system, likely for my ofice, but the ability of the Nemus to expand intrigues me as does its flexibility, e.g., DA; phono; etc.

Huge thanks!!
I know joey54 has the Mimas and Harbeths but changed to Vandersteen Treos in the last month  he would be good contact for you
Looks like a great piece.  I wanted to hear it when I was looking for a new integrated amp recently. Wasn't able to. Ended up with an Ayre AX5 Twenty, which I am thrilled with.  Look at both if you can.