Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7

I currently use a BMC MCCI mc only phonostage. Looking for a mc/mm unit with a budget of around $3k new or used.
Table is a restored Garrard 301 with Ortofon rs-309d arm/Ortofon silver meister cart + Fidelity Research fr24 arm/Lyra Delos cart.
The names which I have currrently :
Aesthetix Rhea
Allnic 1201
Audio Research PH7

Anyone comapred directly all or two of them and can comment ?
Any other name that I should consider ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Hi Sbrown, here is the configuration: for the 12ax7's on V1 & V2 (very important); RCA; for the 12ax7's on the less important V3 & V4 GE; on the very important V5 6922 Sylvania. Hope that helps.

Rick (RWD)
Hey Rick, let me know what you think when you get your tubes. I've had the RCA's and the GE's in the IO and tried the Sylvaia's in my ARC gear. Scott
I will Scott!!!! I have a call into Andy to see when he is shipping the tubes to me.
Well it’s been approx. 3 days (9-12 hrs. ) of listening . It’s amazing how new tubes could make such a significant difference. The top end on my RS 1-B’s is more delicate and shimmering and yet the mid-range and bass has much more meat on the bone then before. Enjoying the new tubes and a big endorsement to Andy Bowman of Vintage Tube Service. Now I need to think of re-tubing my Aesthetic Calypso!!

Rick (RWD)