Aesthetix vs ARC

I have a general question for those familiar with the two companies listed above. I'm currently using an Aesthetix Calypso which I consider a top tier preamp. Recently I've been thinking about trying an ARC reference preamp. To be more specific a reference 5 or 5se. I expect the ARC 5SE to rate higher but i'm not sure how their sound signature compares to the Calypso. Please don't ask what is that I don't like about the Calypso or how much do I have to spend, etc. I just want to know the sonic signature of the Ref 5se compared to the Calypso. I do change equipment from time to time like everyone else.
It might make more sense to upgrade your amp instead. The 200A was a good amp, but either preamp is in a different league.
I tried to sell the 200A last year but all I got was a bunch of low ball offers. The amp is original and in very good condition. I'm the second owner.
I have the ARC Ref 10 preamp and I haven't found another pre that bests it.  It's limitless.
Magnepan 3.7i's 
Mainly using Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme cables (speaker, power cable to ARC Ref5SE and Magtech)
Shunyata Alpha HC to my Schiit Yggdrasil, Shunyata Zitron Python from Yggdrasil to Ref5SE, Groneberg TS Premium from REF5SE to Magtech 

I just got the Merrill Veritas for demo today and am using different interconnects and power cables.