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We all know and can't dispute that SR and other uber expensive cables can do magic with your systems however most of us aspiring audiophiles simply can't afford them. So I would like to hear from some of our colleagues who worked their way up the cable chain what if any cables priced at $100.00 or less made or make the most difference to a system. Interconnects specifically.  Thanks 
Take a look at AntiCables. I think they have an entry level IC around $125. I’ve had good results with them. 
We all know and can't dispute that SR and other uber expensive cables can do magic with your systems however most of us aspiring audiophiles simply can't afford them. 

Ted Denney is a victim of his own success. Thirty plus years building the worlds greatest wires and all it seems to have gotten him, well aside from a pretty darn nice lifestyle, is an undeserved rep for making astronomically expensive wire.

When the truth is SR is the value leader. You answered your own question: find the $100 SR! 

I started out in the 90's comparing all kinds of wire. Cardas, Wireworld, Audioquest, whole bunch of them. All across the price ranges. Been doing so off and on ever since. Started with a whole bunch of SR Looking Glass. Then Resolution Reference. CTS. Now Atmosphere. The hardest part about it is in your price range people tend not to think its even worth selling, on account of shipping becomes such a big part of the transaction. Or the selection would be huge. Because they sure sold a ton of it.

So basically SR makes it really simple: but the newest generation you can afford. No one else has such a long history of consistency across models and years but you can sure do this with SR. Interconnect, speaker cable, power cord, does not matter, same thing.

One thing, Active Shielding. Such a significant improvement that for years all their best used Active Shielding. A lot of guys don't want the extra cables and outlets. But its a great opportunity if you can find some, because unlike all other cables these can be hugely upgraded by replacing the diodes and caps and cheap circuit board in the AS power supply, either yourself or having Michael Spallone do it. 

Speaking of DIY, when it comes to cables, don't waste your time. Sorry to offend those who think otherwise, they are what we un-PC types call "wrong". Been there, done that, wasted time and money, and heard lots who wasted even more. Whatever some DIYer wants you to spend on parts, spend it on any cable- not even SR, just any throw a dart at it cable- it will trounce the DIY. And the SR even more so.

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12-12-2019 7:39pm
"I can DIY if you would be so kind to send any info.
To clear: that is just what I am asking from "experience ". Some unbiased audiophiles can give an honest answer based on years of experience."

Is there any way to send pm`s here? My ic`s are made from two lenghts of coaxes and are a bit tricky to make up but I`ve saved a series of pictures that shows how to land it on the legs. 
Since DIY has been mentioned - here's some advanced DIY cables that uses a slightly different approach...

They are NOT what many people would consider "cheap", but then again noting worth having ever is.

Enjoy - Steve
DIY cables always look good on paper. I even got sucked into it for a while myself. One audio bud devoted decades- not years, decades- building every idea and material, tearing down and copying, reverse-engineering, you name it. After all that his finest most proud achievement was blown away by some random old SR cable pulled from my used cable drawer and costing less when new than he paid just in parts to build his masterpiece. Not just my opinion either, he heard it himself. And was crushed. Not disappointed. Crushed.

There’s a lot of things in audio very much open to question. This ain’t one of em.