Affordable integrated pure class A?

Any recommendations on a pure class A integrated under 2k? Is the Belles Arias Class A?
@stuff_jones  This is <200 and supposedly pure class a. Anyone heard it?
A lot of good suggestions here, so stay away from this one. $166.00 fake with a Krell name emblem stuck on it Nope!!!!!.....Jim
This may be a very nice integrated to buy used later, linear class-A A/B said to have class-A sounding upper frequencies.
And comes with a DAC inside.
  " I was struck by this combo's shimmering, translucent, finely detailed upper midrange to treble frequencies."

Cheers George

There is pure class A integrated amp called microZOTL 2 from LinearTubeAudio ( It uses signal tubes only for sweetest sound I have heard recently. It has two inputs but it's only 1W/channel so you need very efficient speakers such as Teresonic That combination can beat 20K+ systems with the sound quality.