Affordable SS that sound like Tubes

I was a 100% vinyl guy for many years. Due to maintenance cost and aggravation I switched to DSD after a lot of research and I have no regrets.


I am looking for suggestions on affordable SS that sounds as good as Tubes. 


Here's the rub. My Mid Monos were less than $2,000 brand new and they sound incredible. As does my Pre that costed me less than $1,000.

Integrated suggestions are welcomed.

And I would like to hear from people that had fine tube equipment and switched to fine SS equipment.

And please, no mention of "Tubes have Higher Distortion." LOL




Although I did tour for years, I always wore ear filters, which I still wear today when I play. I also rarely play the hifi to crazy levels. High levels destroy depth of soundstage. I have no tinnitus.

So, the vast majority yes, but I have taken care. Any youngsters out there should take heed; I have musician friends that did not and they suffer. In particular, a mando player I play with is half deaf with tinnitus. I tried to tell him even for the last ten years and one day, he was finished. He suffers terribly, not just in listening to music. He suffers all day every day with very loud screaming in his left ear.

Anyone that has been into performing music...going to live concerts or just listening to their rig at "Decent" volume levels for their entire life ( including the reviewers)....has some form of tinnitus. That has nothing to do with enjoying this hobby of ours. listening to music, it actually masks some of that ringing.

IME it certainly does to a significant degree. I suffered from tinnitus for a while when I was vitamin D deficient years ago. But chronic tinnitus at an advanced age is a good indicator that the sufferer has significant overall hearing loss, likely from all those loud concerts you mentioned. Those with chronic tinnitus caused by loudness exposure are firmly on the road to eventual dependence on hearing aids. 

This pervasive notion that audiophiles who’ve suffered hearing damage due to exposure can judge component performance as well as anyone is simply flawed logic and completely false. 

My tube experience is extensive; from Conrad Johnson; McIntosh, Dynaco, Allnic, Prima Luna, and many more. 

Pass Labs is the only SS amp that truly has the midrange bloom that sounds and feels like tubes. They’re Class A products such as XA25, XA60.8, and now I have X260.8 Monoblocks which are the best of what I have had. 
The Integrated; INT-60.8 is very much a tube like sound with out the hassle and can be bought used for $5600-$6500. It is the kink of company which answers the phone live and does things like answer your questions; send you free things; just because, and will fix your amp or remote control even when its clearly out of service; done it 3 times in my life. 

You can not and will not go wrong; superb build.