affordable tube preamp-AE-3 vs. Pre1L?

Hello, I am thinking of adding a tube preamp to my system. Have about 500$ to use. A used Anthem pre1L, new AES-3 ,come to mind. Anyone compared these two, or offer other suggestions. Looking for some tube mid magic, without a loss of speed and clarity. THANKS, Clearsound
Just purchased a anthem Pre2L and so far so good. Still in the process of burn in but what I am hearing is the magic of tubes without the typical tube sound. Look up Jeffs Sound Values on this site and tell him what your looking for. Good Listening!
I purchased the Anthem 1L, it was the well worth the 900.00 I paid for it. I see them listed for 600-700 dollars online. I have now,and have had previously, better pre-amps, but for under a grad brand new it is an excellent buy. (IMHO)
I just went through the same decision as you. I bought the AE-3 from Kevin at Upscale Audio. You might want to give him a call since he sells both and can probably give you the pros and cons. He also is one of the most respected "Tube Heads" around. I absolutely love my AE-3. Best purchase I've made.