Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options

I'm considering switching to tube amplification from solid state. I'm fine with separate pre/power or an integrated. I'll be driving Enzo XL's in a smallish room (17x14) and listening levels are almost always <90db so 30-40 watts should be more than enough. My budget is fairly modest, $2-3k all in. I don't need phono or more than 3 inputs but I would like remote for volume at minimum. Quality build and sound is a priority as is ease of support/repairs if needed. The one unique requirement is that my preference would be for US made if at all possible. Obviously, this limits the options quite a bit but I'd like to see if I can make it work. If not, I'm willing to look at other options.

Here's what I've found so far

Mapletree Line 2CRM, $800 (not US but close)
LTA MZ2- $1595

Power Amps:
Tubes4hifi ST70-35w, $1300
Audio by Van Alstine Ultravalve-35w?, $1599
Quicksilver Mid Mono-40w each, $1995/pair

Rogue Cronus- 100w, $2395
Any others?

I'm open to any other options you may know of. Also, if there's any insight or positive experiences with matching pre/power amp please share. I'm new to tubes so I have a lot to learn.