Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?

Candidate 1: Affordable at about 3K


Candidate 2: Ultra expensive at 50K.


So what's the difference?


The Room Rules

i was in a friends lab yrs ago and was amazed by the sound of music and I asked him what playing?

he said he built the speaker from parts bought on

Canal St in NYC and designed the cabinet! all for


Great post.... thanks....

Not much especially if your a “DIY guy”  with loudspeakers.

Proper room acoustics (treatments with broadband absorption, bass trapping, diffusion) can make speaker topology even more irrelevant …

It is precisely whati did not with only good  passive treatment but more powerfully with full active mechanical room control...

I verified what you just say...


I recently got a pair of used Elac Adante large bookshelves.  I am in the process of replacing one of the woofers but have an idea what the speakers perform like.  

I also have a pair of Andrew Jones much higher prices TAD CR1’s.  They are both concentric divers, same designer.  One is $2500 a pair, one is over $40,000.

Once I’ve fully got the Elac’s up and running, I may make a YouTube video about it , something like “Andrew Jones vs. Andrew Jones. “

While the Adante’s seem like they have very good potential (with top gear) let’s just say the law of diminishing returns is a myth.  

I love the comparison with cars because nobody gives a second thought when a neighbor buys a $100k car, but if you admit that you spent that much on speakers they will freak!  Ironically, that's a speaker that you can go full out anytime you want compared to a car that can legally only go a boring 35mph until they hit the freeway and then it's a whopping 60 or 70 mph and the car is yawning from extreme boredom.  10 years later my speakers will still sound amazing and still have a great trade in value with no rock chips, door dings, or weathering of the paint.  I personally would rather hide my wealth in a stereo that can transport me to the recording studio or stage and revel in the creativity of world class musicians than flaunt my wealth to strangers on the road that cause me to swear because they are barely amateurs at driving and can't be trusted not to hit me.

Well Gentleman the cost of cars is going through the roof when a Honda Civic 2022 Honda Civic is the $30,000 car .And you can now trade in your 2019 and get more than you paid for it New....