Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?

Candidate 1: Affordable at about 3K


Candidate 2: Ultra expensive at 50K.


So what's the difference?


some people buy $50k speakers an its still not end game!  just use your ears to judge, difference between $5k speaker and $20k is not that much of a difference.  the difference in cost will be the name and material used to make it.  If I am about to drop $30k on a pair of speakers, I'll take the B&W 801 D4.  They will sound and look great to my ears and eyes.


spot on. Why anything op? You are not gonna put a ford escort engine in a Porsche. When you get better components you tend to do them across the board. Top end speakers tend to adorn top end electronics. Anyone with an iota of common sense (maybe I’m getting old) is well aware or room acoustics/ interaction and matching speakers to a room. But when space is optimised you create the conditions to maximise component performance. Think of comparing a road car on an f1 track and and f1 car on a public road 😉 

Spend big money for that last 2% of sound quality or a really really BIG ROOM

God created the cosmos (his room) and his acoustic because he did not want to spend money on speakers... 😁😊


«Idiot! God play guitar»-Anonymus poster