After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.

I am just enjoying my system. I am in awe of what an audio system can be. I have been listening to Bill Evans in the 60’s and 70’s on my system (see my userId). Having relentlessly pursued the high end for fifty years, alway stretching to achieve the next level. It is so rewarding to have a system that completely surprises and delights me each time I listen to it. What a treat…personally, really well worth the thousands of hours and dollars to achieve it. At 70, glad I did it.

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I'm 74,

I changed a lot the last few years while staying home avoiding covid. Back to my vintage Horn speakers, tube preamp and tube amp. New to me Vintage TT with 3 arms, existing Teac R2R, and it took me quite a while, but found a CD player that has me re-discovering my many CDs.

I too couldn't be happier.

I am delighted to read about your happiness and satisfaction with your system and your enjoyment of music. Like elliottbnewcombjr, I also just turned 74, and like both you and him, I’m lucky enough to enjoy what I have.

May we have many more happy and healthy years of listening and enjoying.



Great to hear all you guys in your 70s still enjoying your systems! Just turned 53 and loving the sound I get and hope to for many years to come.

Yeah.  My 2022 system is pretty good.

But I didn''t mind my 1972 system and the music was much better then.

So were my ears!

Glad we're both still loving it @ghdprentice